Как правильно написать резюме (How to Make a Resume)

Если вы ищете работу и вам необходимо составить резюме на английском, то вы можете воспользоваться образцом резюме приведенным ниже. С помощью данного примера вы сможете без проблем написать грамотное и качественное резюме

How to Make a Resume

The following free tips will give you some guidance on how to make a resume. But keep in mind that these free tips are just guidelines. Everyone's background is different so there's no single formula to make a resume that fits all cases. So use these tips to guide your thought process but trust your own common sense on how to handle specific issues when you make your own resume.
If you'd like me to review your finished document and give you specific recommendations on how to make your resume better, I offer.

Here's how to make a resume that will get you noticed:

* Before you write the first word of your resume, determine the position and industry you want to target. Then make an outline of your presentation and fill the details of your background keeping the focus on your target.

* Avoid the functional resume format. Too many negatives associated with it).

* The general rule for page length is 1-page for typical entry level college students and 2 pages for everyone else. There can be exceptions to this but the longer the resume, the less likely it will be read. So be concise.

* Don't include a picture of yourself unless you're in an industry that requires a photograph (e.g., TV, theatre, film).

* Don't include personal information (marital status, children, date of birth, ethnicity) on a US style resume. Note that this information is generally acceptable when preparing an international CV.

* Put your name on the first line of the page in a large font with your contact information immediately below it. Don't include cell phone or pager numbers.

* Use a summary section "intro" to give the reader a brief picture of your background. Make this section very short and strong.

* Include a bulleted list in your experience section to showcase your accomplishments. Make these statements short and strong. Use quantifiable information and action verbs.

* Use a font size between 10 and 12 for your body text. Choose a font that's compatible with Resumix and other applicant tracking systems that employers use.

* If you have negative information in your background, try to avoid including it on your resume if you can. If you can't, then present it in a way that lessens the negative impact. For example, often older workers attempt to disguise their age by omitting their dates of employment and college graduation dates. This approach rarely fools anyone and actually can backfire by making the reader say to himself/herself: "If this candidate is worried about their age, maybe I should be worried about it, too". I recommend turning negative issues such as age into positives. Always turn your lemons into lemonade.

* Watch the tone of your resume. Don't write in an arrogant, pompous, or self-serving manner. You're going to have a tough time selling yourself to a prospective employer if he/she feels you're talking down to them.

* Make sure your resume is accurate and be honest with what you say. It's OK to present yourself in the best light you can but an outright lie can hurt you later on if the truth comes out. It happens all the time.

* Don't include salary information or your references on your resume document.

* Once you've finalized your resume, make sure you make all the file conversions you will need in your job search. Other files you may need in addition to your word processed file include an ASCII .txt file for "cutting and pasting" into e-mail messages and posting on job boards, an Adobe .pdf file for sending as attached files, and an HTML file for putting your resume on a Web page.


Top-ranked account representative with a proven track record of exceeding annual sales targets. Expert closer committed to a solution-based sales approach that results in million-dollar revenue growth. Consistently develop strong business relationships and use presentation skills to promote business and close large-dollar deals. Computer literate (programs include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and ACT!).


8/1998 - Present ABC Company San Diego, CA
Industry: Administrative and Support Services
Senior Account Manager
Maximize sales for a nationwide provider of technical services. Manage accounts to ensure service quality. Provide leadership and coaching to sales team. Sales accomplishments:

Key Accomplishments:

* Attained $1.8 million in annual sales (FY 2000), exceeding target by $300,000. Ranked as one of the company's top 5 account managers (out of 20 reps nationwide).

* Increased sales by 20% in 2000 by diligently following up on all leads, orchestrating direct mail campaigns, and providing excellent account services.

* Expanded territory sales by contacting all former customers and offering attractive discounts.

* Delivered presentation that led to national contract for networking, computer upgrades, and rentals.

* Trained new employees on company software, products, technical issues, and sales techniques.

* Negotiated 10-month training contract valued at $250,000.

10/1997 - 8/1998 Def Company San Diego, CA
Industry: Sports/Recreation
Circulation Coordinator

Managed circulation databases for a sports magazine's print and online publications. Assisted manager with sales analyses, database maintenance, mail campaigns, and production schedules. Accomplishments:

* Created contact database to improve ability to follow-up with subscribers. Coordinated e-mail campaigns notifying subscribers about discounts and special offers.

* Introduced competitive analysis (through phone surveys), enabling sales and editorial staff to improve performance by understanding buyer motivators.

8/1991 - 9/1997 GHI Company San Diego, CA
Industry: Hospitals/Ambulatory Health Care Services
Sales & Marketing Representative

Marketed and sold medical supplies to an operation with 300 clients. Developed advertising strategies to achieve continued revenue growth. Trained customers in use of medical equipment. Sales accomplishments:

* Often achieved "preferred supplier" status, setting the stage for repeat business with high-profile accounts.

* Facilitated employee meetings, opening lines of communication and promoting acceptance of corporate goal to improve customer relations.

* Established strong vendor relationships, leading to favorable pricing and discounts.


5/1990 ABC University US-CA-San Diego
Bachelor's Degree
B.S. in Marketing Management
- Completed seminars in marketing and business statistics
- Intramural sports
- Youth group coach


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience
Account Growth and Management Expert Currently used/10 years
B2B / B2C Market Penetration
Currently used/10 years
Sales Presentations
Currently used/10 years
Solution Sales Expert Currently used/10 years
Direct Mail Campaigning Expert Currently used/10 years
Negotiations/Closing Expert Currently used/10 years
Vendor/Relationship Marketing Expert Currently used/10 years
Competitive Contract Wins Expert Currently used/10 years
Vendor & CRM Expert Currently used/10 years


Desired Salary/Wage: 50,000.00 USD Per Year
Current Career Level: Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
Years of relevant work experience: 15+ Years
Work Status: US - I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

Target Job:

Target Job Title: Senior Account Manager
Alternate Target Job Title: Senior Account Manager
Desired Job Type: Employee
Desired Status: Full-Time
Willing to work weekends: No
Willing to work overtime: No

Target Company:

Company Size: No Preference
Category: Administrative and Support Services
Industry: Accounting/Auditing/Tax Services

Target Locations:

Selected Locations: US-CA-San Diego
Relocate: Yes

Sample cover letter tips:

openers are often pretty generic, but they don't have to be. "Most cover letters begin with something like, 'In response to your job advertisement, I'm forwarding my resume for your review and consideration,'" says Abby Locke, speaker, writer and president of Washington, DC-based Premier Writing Solutions. "Make a stronger first impression by writing something different -- something that will readily show the value you offer."
You can grab the reader's attention by highlighting accomplishments, your passion for contributing to the employer's mission and your strongest related skills. To get started, Locke suggests writing a list of the top three ways you would add value to an organization. "What core competencies would enable you to excel in the position you're targeting?" Locke asks. "How would the employer benefit from hiring you?"
If the first few lines of your letter are causing your readers' eyes to glaze over, it's time for a makeover. Review these examples for ideas and inspiration.

Administrative Assistant

Your company is truly a leader in healthcare information -- you offer solutions that ultimately enhance the quality of healthcare delivery. I am excited by your mission and would be able to translate this excitement by providing top-notch administrative services to you and your team members.

Community Liaison

ABC Organization's community liaison position is an excellent fit for my qualifications, and I am very interested in speaking with you about the opening. Although my current role as a youth worker is tremendously rewarding, I would like to become more involved in preventing the vicious cycle of hunger, poverty and unfulfilled human potential on a broader, national level. Your opening presents that precise opportunity.

Customer Service Representative

Profit-minded and customer-centered, I believe that the path to revenue-goal attainment begins with providing exemplary customer care. Toward that end, I have been successful in solving an assortment of service, billing and order-processing issues to build a loyal client following. My 10 years of customer service experience for diverse industry employers will enable me to provide outstanding service to your customers.

Financial Analyst

I read with great interest the article in Fortune announcing the upcoming launch of ABC Bank. Congratulations on this new venture and its already impressive $20 million in loans pre-charter! The possibility of contributing to the growth of your bank is exciting, and I would like to explore a potential employment match that I am confident will be a win-win proposition.

Health Program Management

Would you like to reduce medical costs, increase productivity and build a team of happy, healthy employees? If so, you may be interested in adding me to your management team. For my current employer, I have:

* Saved lives through medical screenings, risk-reduction programs and wellness education;
* Decreased medical costs by $180K annually; and
* Reduced employee absenteeism to an all-time low.

T Consultant

As an experienced technology manager and business owner, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to remain current with ever-evolving technology without breaking the budget. But whether you are trying to equip your workforce or stock your retail showroom with the latest in next-generation laptops, I promise you will find the solution (and the value) you are looking for by retaining my services as an IT consultant.

Marketing New Graduate

DEF Company's marketing assistant opening is an excellent match to my qualifications. As a recent graduate of ABC University with a major in marketing, I offer solid academic credentials as well as industry experience gained from an internship at GHI Company. If given the chance, I know that my strong business and marketing foundation would benefit your department, customers and bottom line.


If you are seeking to augment your legal team with a results-proven, technically skilled and solidly credentialed paralegal, my enclosed resume will be of interest. Characterized by my current supervisor as a "shining star in the department" with an "exceptional knowledge and skill base," my expertise in corporate law will enable me to hit the ground running as a paralegal with your firm.

Real Estate Agent

In my previous position, I sold dirt...for millions of dollars. But if you asked my real estate clients what they had purchased, they would describe their soon-to-be-built, luxury high-rise condominium homes. It's that kind of pre-sales success that I offer your firm, and I am very interested in joining your team.

Sales Representative

If you are seeking to augment your business-development team with a top-producing sales professional, my enclosed resume will be of interest. In my strong interest in joining ABC Company, you will find a history of #1-ranked sales performance combined with a six-year track record of outperforming quotas by as much as 150%.

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